The Project

With college tuition increasing every year, YouScience's online aptitude testing can both help students and parents save thousands of dollars a year, and codify students' strongest skills and abilities.

Before YouScience, aptitude testing was out of many students’ reach. Aptitude testing requires spending hundreds of dollars, visiting a specific testing facility, spending four or more hours taking assessments for the test, and finally reviewing the assessment results with a career councilor face-to-face.

YouScience's goal is to make this entire process more approachable, less expensive and time-consuming, while providing in-depth results that help students make better choices that lean into their strengths for their career options.

While at Sparkart Group, I updated the look and feel of the Ball Aptitude Battery® (BAB) assessments, modernized the user's interactions with the various assessment types, and developed high fidelity prototypes and example animations for YouScience's in-house developers, all in time for official BAB test standardization.



A practice vocabulary assessment for YouScience.
This vocabulary practice test allows the user to try out choosing a single option and how our new bookmarking functionality works before they enter into the timed portion of the test.
A practice paper folding assessment for YouScience.
Paper folding measures a student's ability to visualize in 3D space as well as a chance to reinforce how bookmarking will work for them in this practice test.
A practice analytical reasoning assessment for YouScience.
Drag and drop functionality is introduced with this analytical reasoning test. The student is given time to learn this new kind of interaction as well as the new type of informational relationships we're asking them to create.